Layerpad Sealing

Layerpad Sealing
AGRIPAK Automatic Die Cutting Sealing Machine AGRIPAK Semi-Automatic Sealing Machine

The growing demand of sealed-flute hollow-profile-sheets for making boxes and interlayer-pads has pushed more and more AGRIPAK & its partner VAME – TEKINPAK to study a solution to meet the increasing request of its customers.

To cover any production request, AGRIPAK offers:

  • Fully automatic Die-cutting & Sealing machine for: PP hollow-profile or Bubble guard interlayer-pads for  pallets (from 3 up to 4,5 mm thick) with sealed-perimeter & round-edge production.
  • Semi-automatic Sealing machine: for PP hollow-profile or Bubble guard interlayer-pads (from 3 up to 10 mm thick) with sealed-perimeter production.

The above machines have been expressly conceived so to achieve very high quality results with the PP hollow-profile or Bubble guard sheet.

Fully Automatic Machine Video

Semi Automatic Machine Video
Output Features & Links

  • Bottles / cans layer pad
  • Light pallet for food industry
  • Advertising panels with sealed perimeter.

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Layerpad Sealing