Application Hollow Profile Sheet



The hollow profile-sheet board is ideal for any publicity-sign or -totem, election poster, street signal, etc. application.
It’s recyclable, light-weight, durable, non-fading, water & weatherproof, rigid, puncture & injury resistant. It can be offset or digital printed up to 6 colors.
Actually, it’s a valid and superior alternative to any wood, cardboard, injected-plastic and metal board.

The hollow profile-sheet product display totem is available in any custom size & design.
It’s 1-2 Color Flexographic or 1-4 Color Silk Screen printable and can be easily assembled and knocked-down for any different transportation.
Featuring all the above hollow profile-sheet board plus (i.e. durable, not-moisture/humidity affected,etc.) it has the advantage to be really low-cost.





The hollow profile-sheet cover is a well-known simple and fast expedient to protect and cultivate any kind of plantation.
It’s a quick cost effective way to easily build-up any custom size & design greenhouse, containing any kind of soil for rich & safe crop growth (bad weather protected, etc.).
The hollow profile-sheet is likewise well-known in agriculture & gardening as rigid tree-guard, providing protection for seedlings : from damaging wind, herbicides and vermin.
Often used on windy sites, rocky soils, olive plantations, etc.
Stores flat, can be printed (also with client’s logo) and it can be easily removed to let plants grow their own when wished.





Thanks to its “moisture-free” feature, the hollow-profile sheet board can be easily laminated/coupled with various type of clothing, providing an ideal technical & good-looking solution for efficent automotive coverings, walls and partitions.
Likewise it’s widely used in automotive logistics & transport as cars spare parts containers, inter-layers, packing boxes, etc.





The hollow profile-sheet product, in various custom size, thickness and color is also well-used in the appliances industry as back-closing of different end-products : washing machines, refrigerators, ovens, etc.
Actually it’s a real & simple cost-effective solution ready to be used in any shape and crease.





Hollow profile-sheet can be as well used as a quick & cost-effective method for constructing on site concrete ground-beams.

The recycled polypropylene in 8 mm thickness does offer many advantages over traditional formwork : over-dig & spoil cartage reduction, no concrete wastage. It can be easily cut and bent on site, to form any request ground-beam profile or pile. It has an easy handling, no agents release, no need of preparation, no stripping, no re-locating, no storage (stores flat in case of need) no transportation and it’s puncture & injury resistant.

Hollow profile polypropylene board is waterproof and semi flexible. Rot proof, puncture & injury resistant not affected by chemicals agents. Stores flat,easy to handle, easy to apply as a protection to the waterproof membrane: on top of hot asphalt before it cools down; by lightly torching and pressing; by solvent based glue. Also disposable with a bituminous side integrated thus not requiring any further protection media and saving material and labour time costs.

Semi flexible polypropylene hollow profile board can be applied on vertical, horizontal and curved surfaces with the horizontal channels placed facing excavation or retaining wall allowing any seeping water to pass through the board and flow to the drainage outlet. The solid surface of the board facing the concrete structure saves the basement wall from water contamination and dampness.





PP Hollow profile finds many application in the packaging field: its flexibility together with its resistance make PP hollow profile sheet a priviliged and reliable material for packaging.

See hereunder some of its main box packaging applications:

Layerpad is an interlayer panel designed for the storage and handling of hollow glass products (bottles, cans, jars …). The profile of each interlayer is sealed and rounded off to avoid breakage of the plastic film during the plastic film packaging and any possible infiltration of liquids and/or impurities-foreign bodies. This product has the advantage of being economical, hygienic, reusable, recyclable and durable. Each interlayer panel can be customized in terms of print, color, weight, size.

PP Hollow profile sheets can be used as a slipsheet: a sustainable and recyclable replacement for wood pallets. Are manufactured from recycled resin and are designed to seamlessly replace traditional wood pallets throughout the supply chain.





A very light, robust and water resistant material for many stationary items.





Hollow profile sheet can be used to manufacture polypropylene low cost container, designed for separate waste management. Set-up fast, without tape or glue.

Application Hollow Profile Sheet