Hollow Profile Sheet

Hollow Profile Sheet
AGRIPAK CartonPlast Hollow Profile AGRIPAK CartonPlast Hollow Profile AGRIPAK CartonPlast Hollow Profile AGRIPAK CartonPlast Hollow Profile AGRIPAK CartonPlast Hollow Profile

We are known among the first to have introduced into the world plastics-market the extrusion lines for the production of plastic hollow profile sheets (also called twinwall sheets or corefluted sheets). 

Since so long proudly worldwide known under our trade mark: CARTONPLAST.

Our CARTONPLAST extrusion lines produce 1st quality corefluted sheets starting from PP, EPP (Expanded PP), HDPE and PET raw materials, in different thicknesses, weights, widths, ribs shapes & colours, as follows:

  • thicknesses (from 2 to 25 mm)
  • weights (from 250 to 4800 gsm)
  • widths (from 1200 to 4000 mm)
  • rib shapes (straight, sinusoidal, triangular, etc.)
  • colours (any).

Our 1st quality hollow-profile sheet is obtained by extrusion via a T-die-head equipped with an inter-changeable spinneret/die, which offers the advantage of a quick die-change. Having a consequent considerable saving in terms of initial investment and of time necessary for the die-change during the production process.

At the end of the 90s, in cooperation with Reedy Chemical Foam, AGRIPAK proudly developed the CARTONPLAST exp series : an innovative-dedicated extrusion line family for the Expanded PP (EPP) hollow-profile sheets production by a successfull mixing-receipt of standard PP with Chemical Blowing Agents (CBA).
This pioneer family of AGRIPAK extrusion lines is expressly conceived  to grant a perfect and homogeneous foaming of the PP along the complete hollow-profile sheet width.

The Expanded PP (EPP) hollow profile sheets extruded by our lines present :

The hollow profile sheets extruded by our high-tech lines are widely used in the packaging field. They can be easily converted into any requested re-cyclable or flat-storage box, having different shapes & size, by means of specific automatic case-makers machines equipped with slotter or flat & rotary die cutters.

They can be easily printed in different colours by flexographic, silk-screen or digital tecnique devices as well as being joined by sealing, hot-melting or staples devices.


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Hollow Profile Sheet

Excellent resistance to folding, tearing, traction, impact.

Not affected by chemical agents and mineral oils, water resistant, UV resistant, high/low T° resistant, light, compact, durable.

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Hollow Profile Sheet