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“How many KG/h are our Plant Sites Lines producing?”

AGRIPAK BI-BOX application allows you to always monitor your production data directly from your notebook, smartphone, tablet, etc.
Data are collected from the line PLC and periodically uploaded into the application database itself.
Thanks to its analytical functionality you will easily navigate into different pre-configured scenarios.

Also the production data from more than one PLC can be retrieved, so having data coming from different production-sites, with the chance to group them, to compare each other or to focus on a specific data-site.
Through our BI-BOX application this can  be done, also by uploading data from the operator panel itself or from other systems if requested.
The BI-BOX can retrieve all this information in real time, with a gap of about one minute only.

On this purpose, the chance is given to compare also the today production-data value to a certain date, to the same past years  value at the same date or to compare the single months, to the same past years, months, etc.

Actually, so many are the variables that may affect one’s production, that there might be also the need to provide / add more data contexts to reports.

A dashboard is a collection of different charts, aimed to provide a complete picture of a requested production-data moment.

The available dashboards summarize information about the production data over time: a day, a month, a year or a freely  selectable time range.
This enables a quick production scenario understanding, easily giving answer / solution to any possible  question / doubt one might have.

Back to the question: “How many KG/h are our Plant Sites Lines producing?”

An actual value is surely NOT enough, one need to compare it to a past value in terms of: hours, days, months, etc.
This is the  only way to spot trends in detail and quickly picture at once the whole and real production data scenario of any Plant Site: if increasing, decreasing or even having unexpected technical issue that can be really easily detected.


Kpi & Remote Assistance