AGRIPAK - Automatic 4 Sides & Corners Sealing Machine

AGRIPAK – Fully Automatic 4 Sides & Corners Sealing Machine for PP hollow profile and bubble guard sheet

AGRIPAK developed in partnership with TEKinPAK a new fully automatic sealing machine for interlayer pads (bottle & glass industry) in PP hollow profile sheets or bubble guard sheets. This new machine permits to seal the 4 sides and the 4 corners of the sheets already die cut after the extrusion process… video.


Conductive Graphene Monofilament

3DPRINTING : AGRIPAK presents its Monofilament extrusion line for Conductive Graphene Filaments

By our specifically designed plastic filaments combined with Graphene you can easily 3D print also “electrically conductive components”.

A great choice so to 3D print components that include electronics, with no need to add any circuitry after printing , cause you can print graphene wiring during your own creation 3D printing build-process.

Thanks to its main tech-properties of “high strength” and “superior conductivity”, the graphene filament extrudable by our new line has a wide range of applications :

  • in the everyday interface devices (i.e. : leds, touch sensors, low-voltage circuitry, sensing for proximity, position, acceleration, humidity or fluid levels measurement, etc.)
  • in the electronics (i.e. : digital interfaces, game and music controllers, wearable electronics, etc)
  • in the electromagnetic and radiofrequency shielding (i.e. : hospital equipment, telecommunications, etc.)
  • in high-strength mechanical/functional tooling (i.e. hooks, drilling tool, etc.).


Industria 4.0


Agripak, nata a fine degli anni Novanta come società di engineering, si è affermata come una tra le aziende leader nella progettazione, produzione e installazione di macchinari di estrusione e termoformatura per la lavorazione della plastica. Negli ultimi quattro anni si è dedicata in modo particolare alle enormi potenzialità offerte dall’ Industry 4.0, sviluppando un sistema di interfaccia PLC / Cloud chiamato BI-Box (Business Intelligence Box). Si tratta di un dispositivo customizzato da Agripak e “cucito su misura” sulle necessità delle aziende clienti.

In questo processo – spiega Massimo Terragni, Technical Director di Agripak – “Telmotor si è distinto come fornitore all’avanguardia, attento alle nostre necessità e richieste, e ci ha permesso di distinguerci, di conseguenza, con i nostri clienti per la professionalità e la rapidità della risposta alle loro esigenze. Per questo motivo, in uno scenario in continua evoluzione come quello dell’Industry 4.0, Agripak ha deciso di avere Telmotor al proprio fianco”.


Born as an engineering company in the late nineties, AGRIPAK has successfully established itself as one of the leader-companies in the design, manufacture and installation of extrusion- and thermoforming-machinery for plastics processing. Over the past four years AGRIPAK has been especially focused on the enormous and well-known potential offered by Industry 4.0: the proud result, an innovative interface-system PLC/Cloud called BI-Box (Business Intelligence Box) now integrated in an AGRIPAK customized device, that can be easily “tailor-made” to any specific client’s companies exigency.

In this development process – says Eng. Massimo Terragni / AGRIPAK Technical Director – “Telmotor has distinguished itself as a pioneer provider, attentive to our needs and requests : therefore giving us the opportunity to differentiate ourselves for the professionalism and rapid response to our customers demands. For this reason, in a continuous evolving scenario like that of Industry 4.0, AGRIPAK has chosen Telmotor.”.


EXTRUSION: Refining processes through ongoing development of technologies

In recent months we have been refining innovative technologies to be applied to our extrusion lines range. A special focus was given to the homogeneous foaming of both compact and hollow-profile (Cartonplast) sheet, with the main goal of improving more and more the intrinsic combination of “performance+appearance” of the end-product itself.
Resulting in greater cost-savings in terms of raw material.

It was proved that density reduction in compact-sheet brings to faster cycled time in thermoforming, with many production advantages. Overall when talking about last generation high-speed thermoforming machines as the new form-cut-stack GN800 series (recently born from a successful co-engineered project by AGRIPAK and GN Thermoforming, and first worldwide presented at the last K2016 Show held on Oct’16 in Dusseldorf/Germany).

As for the hollow-profile (Cartonplast) sheet, the foaming actually allows to obtain a visible smoother-surface and a higher thermo-insulation. This last property can be further enhanced by a subsequent side-sealing of the hollow-profile (Cartonplast) sheet itself : as proved by the tests done on some hollow side-sealed sheets, sealed by our AGRIPAK dedicated downstream machinery.

On this purpose, our downstream machinery range extended, and we are now presenting on market another special dedicated machine for linear & corner-sealing: so to side-seal hollow-profile (Cartonplast) sheets and bubble-guard sheets up to 10mm thickness. Perfect for box-pallet-sleeves with sealed-perimeter manufacturing, with the advantage of several time re-use and no-risk of inner-hollow-section contamination.

Our team of experts, with multi-decade worldwide experience in the plastics, is available for a major focus on any plastics market production request. On demand : customized turn-key project-analysis and targeted machinery offers can be provided. So starting from the resin up-to any smarter plastics end-product wished : containers, sheets, box-pallets, logistic-boxes, fruit/vegetable boxes, fish/meat boxes, re-usable boxes, etc.


Agripak Booth @ ChinaPlas 2017


Many the smart and innovative technologies that AGRIPAK will showcase at this coming CHINAPLAS2017 Show, Guangzhou, CHINA (May 16-19th).

Come to visit us at Booth 9.2P21, we will be pleased to welcome and introduce you to our last smarter solutions for 1st quality & faster plastics processing, as well as to our innovative machinery ready to fit any dedicated plastics-business idea or production-flow goal.

Our local Sales Representative (Vulcan Plastics Tech.Co.Ltd/Shenzhen – Guangdong) as well as our friends from GN Plastics Co./Canada will be at the booth, ready to build on yet together another successful event.

Stay tuned ! to be inspired and be part of it !


PET Structural fibers

AGRIPAK CARTONPLAST Extrusion Lines: Hollow-profile Sheet Boxes

Even 2016 has confirmed an outstanding growth in the use of hollow-profile sheet CARTONPLAST boxes for the transport and the sale of fresh products all over the world.

AGRIPAK is ready to offer its customers the latest generation machinery, always in step with innovation and the wi-fi technology, that from the raw material allow to obtain the finished CARTONPLAST boxes, printed as needed and ready to be used.

The AGRIPAK experts are at your disposal for any specific request, ready to provide its know-how acquired over the years to enter the market.


PET Structural fibers

Test Run :  NEW  Monofilament Line for PET structural fiber 

We are testing our new Monofilament Line for the production of PET fibers to be used for the structural reinforcement of the cement and concrete in various applications: flooring, paving, coverage, prefabrication, etc. with many advantages both in terms of resistance and durability.

As well as in terms of high workability of the shotcrete-jets : having an homogeneous concrete distribution on any kind of surface (rocky, stony, etc.), with no segregation and highly-reduced cracking due to shrinkage.

Our expert are at your complete disposal for any further information.


Agripak Booth @ K2016

K2016 Show

First of all, we would like to thank again all our customers and new visitors, as well as all our partners, for the kind visit at our booth and the time friendly shared together  in Duesseldorf.

We are really more than satisfied with the outcome of last K2016 Show.

AGRIPAK team is already working on all your requests, confirming the complete availability of our experts to assist you at any time.

So really do not hesitate to contact us, hoping to start our business cooperation soon and to see you again … and why not also at next K2019 Show Oct.16-23 .


Agripak Booth @ K2016

K2016 Show is approaching and AGRIPAK booth is taking more and more shape just to be ready on next October 19th start to welcome all of You.
You will be shown all AGRIPAK extrusion & thermoforming new machine generations as well as any related applied innovation that have recently proudly enriched our machinery and downstream production range.

The new form/cut/stack GN800 thermoforming machine family (developed in partnership with the esteemed GN Thermoforming Co./Canada) will be present at the fair.

Likewise the american Reedy Chemical Foam Co. skilled staff will be available at our booth to satisfy on purpose any customer’s request in terms of chemical blowing agents (CBA) needed both in extrusion and thermoforming, with remarkable production cost-saving advantages.

Please contact us to set in advance a date of meeting with our experts at our booth from October 19th to 26th, major focus on your production dedicated requests will be surely guaranteed : write to

The countdown to the K2016 Show already started, so we will meet there at Hall3 Booth E50 ! Do not miss.


About us :

Collaborazione italo-canadese nella termoformatura
GN Thermoforming Equipment presenterà a K2016 la linea GN800 con unità in linea form/cut/stack della milanese AGRIPAK more…

GN Thermoforming developed the GN800 with Italy’s Agripak srl.
GN Thermoforming Equipment of Chester, Nova Scotia, has introduced a high-speed form/cut/stack thermoformer, the GN800, working with an Italian machinery company… more…



Thanks to the smart and everyday ready cooperation with our American REEDY CHEMICAL FOAM friends, AGRIPAK successfully achieved the goals of a faster production-speed and an ULTRALIGHT & SUPERIOR TOP finished-product, with an improved thermal insulation, stability and a material-savings up to 40%.

For more info on our CARTONPLAST and CARTONPLASTexp (for EPP expanded PP) Hollow Profile extrusion lines new features and dedicated downstream machinery, AGRIPAK expertise staff is at your complete disposal.



The joint R&D program of AGRIPAK and the American REEDY CHEMICAL FOAM has made it possible

For everybody involved in the plastic packaging, advertising and building industry to install and run specially modified AGRIPAK extrusion and/or AGRIPAK thermoforming lines capable to produce medium density EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) or EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) items and, at the same time : more traditional PP and PS. Which immediately assures high cost-savings and incredible faster performances.

There are no more reasons today to stay out of this business.

For more info contact us or come to pay us a visit at the next Duesseldorf K2016 Show, AGRIPAK experts will be pleased to introduce you to this proven technology considered by major Companies worldwide as an attractive future development for their range of products.


AGRIPAK is with enthusiasm that will take part to next K2016 Show (the world’s no.1 Trade Fair for Plastics & Rubber) to be held from October 19th to 26th in Duesseldorf/Germany.

Come to visit us, we will be pleased to welcome and show You whole our plastics processing machinery range, as well as to offer You any dedicated production-flow solution to perfectly fit any business needs.

We eagerly wait for You, visit us at  : Hall3 Booth E50.


AGRIPAK in co-operation with GN staff installed the first GN800.

It is the first form/cut/stack thermoforming machine born from the joint-venture between AGRIPAK and the Canadian machine manufacturer GN Thermoforming.

The machine is capable to form & cut in one-station and to process bobbins up to 800mm width.

In case of interest, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be pleased to show you the machine running by our Italian customer factory.



Starting from next January 16th, 2016 it will be possible to see the testing of a new PLASTICSHEET line for PET foil/sheet production by co-extrusion for the South American market.

The line is equipped with three extruders: an AGK-150, AGK-80 and AGK-60; 3 rolls calander inclinated of 35° of 1600 mm width.

The line is also equipped with a guillotine and a winding unit to process both foil between 150 micron to 2 mm and sheets between 2 and 6 mm.


AGRIPAK closed a deal with 2 famous Portuguese & Central American thermoformers to renew the software and motors configuration of their own AGRIPAK Form/Cut/Stack thermoforming machines.

This renewal will grant them a prompt 40% increase in production.

Having a most efficient PLC-control and most performant drives, specifically designed in cooperation with a wellknown German manufacturer.


AGRIPAK will exhibit at Plastics & Rubber Indonesia 2015 to be held in Jakarta/Indonesia in next November 18-21.

We will be pleased to show You our new thermoforming machines prodution, expressly studied to satisfy the requests of the Middle East market.

Come to visit us: Booth D-3322.


AGRIPAK with GN Thermoforming sold the 2nd GN800 to Holland.

This is the 2nd form/cut/stack machine sold to Europe.
The 1st machine was sold to Italy, during the last PLAST2015 Show held in Milan/Italy in last May.
The installation of the Ducth machine will be done on next May 2016.


AGRIPAK will exhibit at next Plast2015 Show to be held in Milan/Italy from next May 5th to 9th.

During the exhibition AGRIPAK and GN Thermoforming will present to the world the new GN800.

It is the 1st form/cut/stack thermoforming machine born from the joint-venture of the 2 Companies.

The machine is capable to form & cut in one-station, punching in a 2nd station.
Its forming area is 800 x 600mm and it is a completely electrical machine.

For any further information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Come to visit us: Hall 13 Booth B52.


AGRIPAK will exhibit at next ArabPlast2015 to be held in Dubai/UAE from next January 10th to 13th.

We will be pleased to welcome & meet You so to proudly introduce our new Extrusion lines and Thermoforming machines series.

Come to visit us, we wait for you at : Booth 6B121.