Used Machinery


Used Machinery
AGRIPAK Used Machine

AGRIPAK long-term and everyday relationships with customers and market-players, gives our team the privilege to offer the best final production-flow and the best technical customized-solution, whether one speaks of a new-machine purchase or of a used- one.


  • Thermoforming Machineries . Agripak models only.
  • Extrusion – Lines & Components . We can deal with our own Agripak models as well as with the most well known market trade marks for Hollow Profile Sheet, Foil & Sheet, Semifoamed PVC/WPC Panel, Rafia/Monofilament/Strapping Tape .
  • Downstream and Auxiliares Machineries . Wathever trade mark model provided it is working and it belongs to our Thermoforming and Extrusion categories


  • Sell used & Buy new . If you wish to put on Sell your used machineries, we can let know it to our world wide customers and prospects. And If you also Buy a new machinery from Agripak models, you’ll get a discount on the agreed offer price.
  • Buy used. If you wish to Buy used machineries, we can look for them among our world wide customers and prospects. AGRIPAK machineries are widely-known among the most high-quality & long-lasting on the market. That’s why most of our used-machineries cannot be directly shown in our re-selling web-page, but are to be specifically searched for. So in case of interest, we will be pleased to satisfy your request by doing our best to meet both your technical & economic expectations for any used machinery available at the moment or to be searched.
  • Refurbishment & Upgrade. We can provide any used machinery, already working at your premises or to be searched for your behalf, with a complete renew and eventually upgrade of mechanical, electrical and Hardware/Software parts, according with your specific requirement.


All Agripak renewed/upgraded parts are totally guaranted as new ones.

On request, any used machinery can be shown on site.

If you have an Italian premise also consider an increased tax deductibility of 140% for any investment in operating assets, and up to a 250% for assets or components belonging to Industry 4.0 .

In case any of the above services could be of your interest, just let us have some technical info and we’ll answer you on feasibility, costs and terms of agreement. If you have any doubt, question or simply need more info, please contact us.

Used Machinery