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AGRIPAK stand 338A "Italian Pavilion" – PLASTIMAGEN 2019, Mexico 2-5 de Abril
En su 22a edición, PLASTIMAGEN® MÉXICO representa el evento más importante para el sector de los plásticos en América Latina.
OPEN DAYS May 21 to 31st
AGRIPAK Extrusion Line DEMO – PP & PE synthetic fibers for concrete
AGRIPAK at NPE2018 Show, May 7-11 Orlando, Florida / USA
If your business is associated with plastics in any way, this is your “must-attend” event.
OPEN DAYS April 11th to 18th
AGRIPAK Monofilament Line for Structural Fiber TEST-RUNS
INVITATION “GN800 Technical Overview” in Jihlava
A specific GN800 technical training will be soon held at GNE Technical Center in Jihlava/Czech Republic