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Agripak - Innovation Challenges

With AGRIPAK, the packaging becomes sustainable

The containers for fish transport studied by the Italian company : take-up less space, than those in polystyrene, and can be reused.


A machine for the production of sustainable packaging for fish transport made with alternative material to polystyrene.

That's what AGRIPAK SRL, a specialized Italian company leader in the development of machinery for plastic extrusion, set up.

The key of the project success lays in the material used : Hollow Profile sheet (Plastic Twinwall sheet). 

AGRIPAK SRL collects the witness of the well-known Covema, an historical Italian reality founded in 1953 by Dino and Marco Terragni, specialized in production of plastic extrusion machinery ; a sector in which it has become a worldwide protagonist, with a strong presence in South America, North America, Europe and in the Middle East.

The new machinery has been patented in July 2019 and is in the final phases of experimentation, ready to land on the market.

The Research project was supported by the Research Department, Innovation, University, Export and Internationalization of Lombardy Region.

(The 2017 call-for-tender has awarded 5.8 million to over 300 companies for Innovation, but in these weeks it was launched  the 2019 edition, with resources of the ERDF 2014-2020 and 7 millions of loans. The Notice is divided between "Measure A" and "Measure B »: first applys can be presented up to January 23rd, for the second instead  the closure is on October 30th.)

As for AGRIPAK SRL’s machinery, everything started "from the request of an Irish customer “,  -  Eng. Massimo Terragni (Agripak Technical Director) explains – “We successfully managed to build a machine for the production of hollow profile sheet boxes in polypropylene : a recyclable and reusable material. 

Another aspect for the environmental impact reduction : before their assembly for use, our boxes take-up a very small space if compared to the rigid material boxes in polystyrene. 

So, much less transport-means will be needed to move the same quantity.

Furthermore, AGRIPAK SRL's solution allows you to avoid using 22 thousand tons of virgin thermoplastic material : thanks to the use of recycled material.

Compared to polystyrene packaging, AGRIPAK’s boxes numbers advantages not only in terms of eco-sustainability, but also in terms of capacity : 25% more.

The secret remains in the Sealing of the Hollow profile sheet : if well done, water cannot enter/affect the empty flutes, and the packaging becomes re-usable.  

So, an eco-sustainability packaging feasable not only the fish sector, but also for many others as : food in general, agriculture, industrial logistics, automotive, advertising, waste management, nautical, ect.”

(24/11/2019 IL GIORNO - Cosimo Fiorenzani)

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