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In Hoc SIGNO Vinces

SIGNO is the new concept of sealing machine that contains in itself multiple devices.

SIGNO is able to process any type of hollow profile sheet : alveolar, laminated bubbles (BubbleGuard) and honey-comb profiles, both in sheet or in reel.

SIGNO's innovative sealing-system for hollow profiles allows to achieve high sealing standards.
Of primary importance overall in the production of boxes and packaging for food products (meat, fish, fruit and vegetables) and pharmaceuticals.

SIGNO is one of the first machines in the world expressly designed to satisfy the new EEC's Single-Use Plastics ban proposal by 2021.
Banning the use of disposable, single-use plastic in Europe by 2021, in favor of an increasingly Circular and Eco-sustainable Economy.
Extended producer responsibility is in the spotlight.

The new measures proposed will contribute to Europe's transition towards a Circular Economy, and to reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the EU's climate commitments and industrial policy objectives. The overall aim is to support safer and more sustainable consumption and production patterns for plastics.

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