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OPEN DAYS April 11th to 18th

AGRIPAK Monofilament Line for Structural Fiber TEST-RUNS

Come to see AGRIPAK Monofilament Extrusion line for the production of structural polymer fiber for reinforced concrete, designed to improve the durability and mechanical properties of concrete.
Such type of innovative fiber reduces, and in some cases even totally eliminate, cracking caused by shrinkage, increasing resistance to flexion, ductility and resistance to wear in concrete, likewise allowing a very high workability of the shotcrete-jets in action.
So multiple and various the final applications of this structural fiber: flooring, paving, coverage, prefabrication, etc.

The extrusion line that will be displayed is suitable to run up to 300 kg/h of PP and 400 kg/h of PET (with proper accessories) and the fiber diameter 0.5 mm (the diameter and shape of the fiber can be modified by installing a dedicated spinneret). The line is fed by a 90 mm single screw extruder and the stretching godets are composed by 7 rolls having diameter 190 mm and width 400 mm. At the end of the line is installed a specially engineered crimping system to improve the grip of the fiber.

On purpose, our expert are at your complete disposal for any dedicated info/request on our line and on our coming April OPEN DAYS test-runs. Join us! Do not miss!

In case of interest please write to us.