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Born as an engineering company in the late nineties, AGRIPAK has successfully established itself as one of the leader-companies in the design, manufacture and installation of extrusion- and thermoforming-machinery for plastics processing. Over the past four years AGRIPAK has been especially focused on the enormous and well-known potential offered by Industry 4.0: the proud result, an innovative interface-system PLC/Cloud called BI-Box (Business Intelligence Box) now integrated in an AGRIPAK customized device, that can be easily “tailor-made” to any specific client’s companies exigency.

In this development process – says Eng. Massimo Terragni / AGRIPAK Technical Director – “Telmotor has distinguished itself as a pioneer provider, attentive to our needs and requests : therefore giving us the opportunity to differentiate ourselves for the professionalism and rapid response to our customers demands. For this reason, in a continuous evolving scenario like that of Industry 4.0, AGRIPAK has chosen Telmotor”.