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Agripak Commitment to a Circular Economy

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Agripak Commitment to a Circular Economy

We believe in the importance of pursuing a sustainable business model towards people, environment and resources.

Therefore in all our activities of R&D, design, construction, installation, consultancy related to plastics processing machinery we are constantly committed to promote a technology that allows:

  • to avoid any harmful emission to humans and to environment
  • maximum efficiency and savings in the use of raw materials and energy in the whole process
  • to use raw materials 100% recyclable or biodegradable
  • to recycle 100% scraps, semi-finished and finished products in the production process
  • to produce products having the following features :
    • reusable many times, thus also allowing a sharing business
    • reduced storage and transport volumes in order to decrease carbon footprint
    • high % of recycled material (up to 80%)
    • 100% recyclable at end life 
    • replace others products that use natural resources like water and wood
  • to maximally extent the machinery end life through :
    • accuracy in each phase of our process related to design, component/materials choice, construction, assembling and quality controls
    • remote maintenance and regeneration service