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We are the only company worldwide to have developed (throughout the 70 years of activity in the field) specific competences that enabled us to achieve the complete know how for the engineering and manufacturing of the complete set of machines for the production of Reusable Packaging starting from the raw material till the end packaging ready to be used, or better say, re used several times and at the end of its life cycle the same packaging can be recycled 100% to make new reusable packaging.

All such machines and technology is granting production of packaging (primary, secondary, tertiary) that are having a much lower impact on the plant (lower carbon foot print) perfectly aligned with the Circular Economy diktat.

And we are in a position to supply you not only the complete set of machines but as well the complete know how to manufacture the best performing Reusable Packaging.

The complete set of machines we can supply you is composed by:

  1. PP Hollow Profile Sheet Extrusion line: for the manufacturing of PP Hollow Profile Sheet starting from the granule of virgin or recycled material or a mix of them. We will help you identifying the best hollow profile section according to the type of packaging you have to make and to the number or re uses you would like to target.
  2. Sealing & Die Cutting machine: such a machine is perfectly sealing (flutes direction and counter flutes direction) any shape of box even made out of thick sheets and heavy gsm. Multiple are the advantages of carrying out the perfect sealing of the perimeter of the box and among them:
    • Avoiding the building up of dust, impurities in the flutes of the box  thus enabling a perfect cleaning before the re use of the same box
    • Perfect hygiene as no dust, bacteria can grow up in the flutes
    • The air perfectly trapped in the flutes is providing a better strength/stability to the box thus giving possibility to reduce the density of the PP hollow profile sheet used for the manufacturing of the specific Reusable Packaging (up to 40% density reduction)
  3. Machine for the assembly of Reusable Packaging: using hot air jets as assembly/welding system thus making a packaging that is 100% made out of same material as no hot melt or glue is used.

So if you are looking for machines to manufacture Reusable Packaging we are the right supplier for you!

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