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Agripak Commitment to a Circular Economy

Circular Economy

Agripak Commitment to a Circular Economy

We believe in the importance of pursuing a sustainable business model towards people, environment and resources.

Therefore in all our activities of R&D, design, construction, installation, consultancy related to plastics processing machinery we are constantly committed to promote a technology that allows:

  • to avoid any harmful emission to humans and to environment
  • maximum efficiency and savings in the use of raw materials and energy in the whole process
  • to use raw materials 100% recyclable or biodegradable
  • to recycle 100% scraps, semi-finished and finished products in the production process
  • to produce products having the following features:
    • reusable many times, thus also allowing a sharing business
    • reduced storage and transport volumes in order to decrease carbon footprint
    • high % of recycled material (up to 80%)
    • 100% recyclable at end life 
    • replace others products that use natural resources like water and wood
  • to maximally extent the machinery end life through:
    • accuracy in each phase of our process related to design, component/materials choice, construction, assembling and quality controls
    • remote maintenance and regeneration service


Our last development is the UGUESS (Unità di GUida per Estrusione Scomponibile e Sostenibile) tool that has been specifically conceived for the extrusion of profiles sheets with specific variable and modular geometries so to enhance the necessary performance of the profile sheet that may be required to be differentiated across the section. The other achievement of the UGUESS is to allow production of specific extrusion tools with lower costs and being as well easy replaceable.

The UGUESS is a further step towards the circular packaging as it allow reduction of material and/or longer life of the final packaging fabricated with the UGUESS technology, packaging that at the end of the life cycle are fully recyclable into the process to make new Circular Packaging.

Agripak UGUESS Certificate

Integrated Solutions for Circular Economy