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Cartonplast Circular Packaging a huge opportunity towards Sustainable Growth

Cartonplast Circular Packaging a huge opportunity towards Sustainable Growth

Since many years our company has been focusing on developing extrusion and converting technologies to fabricate packaging to be reused several times (even hundred times!!) and recycled back in the process at the end of its life cycle.

One of our technologies that is finding several applications in the CircularPackaging is the Cartonplast one that permits the production of PP hollow profile sheets in any thickness and density (robustness) according to the target number of cycles the package will have to undergo. As well specific sheet profiles and raw materials mix are studied according to the characteristics the package will need to have.

With the aim of enhancing the CircularPackaging we had developed very unique technologies and downstream machines for the converting of the Cartonplast sheets into packages: 

  • the Sealing / Sealing & Cutting technology used for the side seal of perimeter of the Cartonplast packages 
  • the heat technology for the creasing and assembly of the Cartonplast packages

Thanks to the Sealing technology it is possible to achieve a Cartonplast package with a closed perimeter that avoids impurities to penetrate the flutes/structure of the sheet and to wash/clean/sterilize the package, if necessary, between one cycle and the other. Another advantage of the sealing is that the air trapped inside the structure of the sheet if providing a higher rigidity/resistance to the sheet thus allowing a raw material density reduction.

The assembly of the Cartonplast package carried out by heat allows to achieve a Cartonplast package that is 100% mono-material and this way 100% recyclable back in the manufacturing process.

Many Cartonplast CircularPackaging examples are there to be considered and just to name some: Reusable and Recyclable RSC, Reusable and Recyclable Box Pallets, Reusable and Recyclable Layer Pads.

Our company is the only one in the world to have developed the complete Cartonplast CircularPackaging production technology and all related machines, raw materials and processing know how. We just followed the steps of our company founder Marco Terragni who in the 1970 engineered the first Cartonplast extrusion line with the aim of making packaging not to compete with paper boxes but packaging to be used in a different way thanks to the intrinsic specs of Cartonplast that are different from corrugated paper ones. In this way our company has been developing the CircularPackaging / CircularEconomy concept since more than 50 years!

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