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"TO THE DISCOVER OF A CIRCULAR ECONOMY IN THE PLASTICS" - Take a seat at our Booth C82 HALL 17 ! The journey is about to begin …

At AGRIPAK we have been promoting in favor of an increasingly "sustainable" future, for years.

We consider ourselves pioneering promoters of a circular economy in the plastics, without doubt even before the same term was coined and diffused on the net so fast.
By quickly rewinding back the film of our Company’s history, you can easily understand it.

So, getting started …

-    What is the circular economy ?

By circular economy we mean an economic model in which the use of virgin raw materials is ideally zero or in any case extremely reduced.

By reducing the use of virgin resources that are not renewable, is one of the most strategically significant models for tackling environmental challenges such as global warming, the fight against local atmospheric pollutants, terrestrial waste, marine waste and the protection of biodiversity.

The adoption of circular models is strongly encouraged by the European Union, which placed it at the center of its strategy. 

-    What is the circular economy based on ?

Mainly on 5 principles that define the areas and the modalities of its application :

  1. Sustainable inputs: maximizing the use of renewable materials and, where this is not possible, promoting their reuse through recycling;
  2. Extending the useful life of the product: modular design and recurring maintenance to extend product life;
  3. Sharing - sharing platforms: common management of products between users to reduce the production of new goods;
  4. Product as a service : sale to the customer of the service associated with a certain product and not of the product itself only;
  5. End of life : minimization of material waste by adopting a reuse / regeneration / recycling approach.

All the production processes of AGRIPAK extrusion, thermoforming and downstream, historical and new production plants, have become increasingly refined in terms of innovative technology rigth to fully satisfy these 5 main pillars of the Circular Economy.

Want to learn more about ?

Take a seat, come to visit us at HALL17 booth C82 ! All our experts will be pleased to welcome you at K2019 offering their direct experience, ready to guide you through this fascinating and more than realistic journey : “to the Discover of the Circular Economy in the Plastics” ! 

Under the spotlight : 

  • Our team:  A team of experts that has always been available, ready for confrontation, attentive to changes in every sense: technological, innovative, environmental, etc.
    In favor of an increasingly "green" economy and "froghop" customer service, giving our customers access to the skills, processes and experience they need to turn their ideas and prototypes into finished products.
  • Our know-how:  Our expertise in the plastics and not-plastics (bio) processing has been created over the years on the basis of plants manufactured and sold all over the world.
    Through constant comparisons with our esteemed customers, our precious partners and why not our appreciated competition.
    As well as by our constant taking part to important international sectorial conferences, tuned on “future” and on any tried/untried innovative solution to be proven.
  • Our wide range of production and supply:  A vast range of plastic processing machinery and of plastic and bio-related materials, based on processing/production processes increasingly innovative, pro-sustainable for finished products (for food packaging, non-food, advertising, construction, household goods, transport, etc. ) mostly renewable and / or recyclable.