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Agripak - Le sfide dell’innovazione
Con Agripak l’imballaggio diventa sostenibile. I contenitori per trasportare il pesce realizzati con le macchine dell’azienda milanese occupano meno spazio di quelli in polistirolo e si riusano
In Hoc SIGNO Vinces
SIGNO is the new concept of sealing machine expressly designed to meet the new EEC's Single-Use Plastics ban proposal by 2021.
Total safety
Systems in safety thanks to Telmotor and Siemens solutions
AGRIPAK greener processes for sustainability and re-cycling in plastics
PP Hollow Profile Sheet Pallets new Machine
AGRIPAK and TEKINPAK present a new-born machine developed in partnership for the production of Pallets in PP Hollow Profile Sheet.
Fully Automatic 4 Sides & Corners Sealing Machine
Fully Automatic 4 Sides & Corners Sealing Machine for PP hollow profile and bubble guard sheet
AGRIPAK presents its Monofilament extrusion line for Conductive Graphene Filaments. By our specifically designed plastic filaments combined with Graphene you can easily 3D print also “electrically conductive components”.
EXTRUSION: Refining processes through ongoing development of technologies
In recent months we have been refining innovative technologies to be applied to our extrusion lines range.