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Reusable and Recyclable Box Pallets
The Future of Sustainable Packaging: Reusable and Recyclable Box Pallets In today's world, the importance of sustainable packaging cannot be overstated. 
Sustainable Packaging
The Future of Sustainable Packaging: Reusable and Recyclable Solutions. In an era where environmental concerns have taken center stage, the packaging industry is undergoing a transformative shift towards sustainable practices.
Agripak - Reduction, Reuse e Recycle
OUR MISSION : "To deliver an eco-circular packaging for an eco-sustainable world to future generations". Fabio Terragni describes the technology of “CARTONPLAST” extrusion lines, created by his father in the seventies and today developed to increase: efficiency and production capacity. From the polypropylene to first quality alveolar sheets, assemblable in boxes and absolutely reusable and recyclable.
Cartonplast Circular Packaging a huge opportunity towards Sustainable Growth
Since many years our company has been focusing on developing extrusion and converting technologies to fabricate packaging to be reused several times (even hundred times!!) and recycled back in the process at the end of its life cycle.
EASY ENGINEERING International : Interview With AGRIPAK
The company is having its roots in Marco Terragni who was a pioneer in the European plastic industry as he started his activity back in the year 1953 at that time under the company name of Covema.
Anti Covid19 Machine for the Simultaneous Counter Flutes Sides Sealing of Plastic Hollow Profile Sheets
Following the present huge growing demand of hygiene and possibility of perfect disinfection of Panels/Separators Agripak has developed a machine dedicated to the simultaneous side sealing of the counter flutes direction (and as well flutes direction if necessary) of Plastic Hollow Profile Sheets - Cartonplast / Bubble Guards.
New machine for the Hot Air Welding and Assembly of Regular Slot Cartonplast Boxes and Box Pallet’s sleeves
Following the growing clients’ demand for a converting machine to hot air weld and assemble larger sizes of Regular Slot Cartonplast Boxes and Box Pallet’s sleeves, we have engineered and manufactured a new machine...
Agripak - Innovation Challenges
With AGRIPAK, the packaging becomes sustainable. The containers for fish transport studied by the Italian company : take-up less space, than those in polystyrene, and can be reused.