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Edge Rolling and Sealing Machines

To perfectly accomplish with the new directive of EU on reusable and recyclable packaging we have developed a specific machine for the Edge Rolling and Sealing of Cartonplast sheets (PP hollow profiles sheets) so to avoid bacterias, dust, dirt to penetrate into the flutes.

Ideal for the edge sealing and rolling of top and bottom edges of Cartonplast Box Pallet Sleeves.

The machine is available in a single side (single head Edge Rolling and Sealing) for the edge rolling and sealing of one linear side per time or in a   double side version (double heads Edge Rolling and Sealing) for the simultaneous edge sealing and rolling of the two opposite linear sides of the Cartonplast sheet.

The machine can work as a stand alone station but, in some cases, can be placed in line on the Cartonplast sheet Extrusion Line or in line with the Hot Creasing Machines