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Foil and Sheet

Foil & Sheet

Foil and Sheet mono & multi-layer
Excellent transparency for packaging applications and processability for building and furniture applications

Our PLASTICSHEET extrusion lines are designed to process foil & sheet of PP, EPP (Expanded PP), HDPE, PET, CPET, PETG, PC, PA, EVOH, SURLYN, PS, EPS (Expanded PS), ABS, K.RESYN, STYRLUX, PMMA, PVC and PLA mono & multi-layer, via T-dies & co-extrusion feedblock, with manual or automatic adjustment.

The combination of Cast and Roll-stack technologies allows us to cover Foil production thicknesses ranging from 80 to 2000 micron, using the same extrusion plant. While our Sheet extrusion plants instead can reach up to 30mm thickness, mono & multi-layer.

Furthermore our COMPACT series is a specially designed family of extrusion lines for the production of Sheet for Thermoforming.
It is expressly conceived to achieve fully satisfactory performances both “in-line” (Extrusion line + Thermoforming machine) or “off-line” (self-standing Extrusion line), so to meet the most various exigences of our today customers’ modern factories thermoforming-oriented.

Our COMPACT exp series developed in cooperation with Reedy Chemical Foam is another specially designed extrusion lines family for the production of EPP/EPS Sheets, by a successful mixing-recipe of standard PP/PS with Chemical Blowing Agents (CBA).
This family of extrusion lines is expressly studied to grant a perfect and homogeneous foaming of the PP/PS along the complete width of the sheet.

Our Expanded PP (EPP) and Expanded PS (EPS) produced sheets are characterized by:

  • improved impact strength
  • higher energy absorption
  • excellent chemical resistance
  • low thermal conductivity (important for food packaging applications)
  • easy sealing.


Moreover, other 3 important aspects, of our EPP/EPS sheet production & processing, need to be highlighted:

  1. our process is Environmentally Friendly: cause during the transforming process EPP/EPS does NOT release any dangerous gas
  2. EPP/EPS sheet and related thermoformed items are upto 40% lighter than rigid PP/PS, so more environmentally-friendly
  3. EPP/EPS is today approx. 10% Cheaper than rigid PP/PS: so higher economics can be achieved, overall when considering the cost of the single thermoformed end-product. An EPP/EPS tray or cup can be thermoformed in fact at much higher speeds than rigid PP/PS.
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