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Forming & Cutting

Our thermoforming machine POLY series is a fully automatic model for the production of items in: PS, EPS, PP, EPP, PVC, PET, PETG, ABS, HIPS, OPS, PLA and mPLA starting from bobbin.

Our POLYFORM 80 is the most technologically advanced thermoforming machine of the series with in-line stations and cutting by steel rule cutter (die cutting system).
This machine, suitable to thermoform by vacuum and/or compressed air, is moved by an electro-mechanic system with servomotors which operate a set of toggles installed on the movable plates of the forming press and of the cutting press.

This system allows a high production speed, which cannot be obtained by other motion systems.

It is also possible to use forming moulds with incorporated rule-cutter (in mould die cutting), as in our POLYFORM 80/RCM supplied without separate cutting station.

The heating zones, as well as the servomotors and all the functions that determine the production cycles are easily controlled by a PLC system.

POLYFORM 80 series gives the possibility to use simple forming-, cutting- and stacking-tools, thus allowing to produce thermoformed items at very low costs, even with small production quantities.

On request these thermoforming machines can be equipped with different accessories.
In partnership with an experienced Canadian machine manufacturer AGRIPAK has recently proudly developed also the GN800, a new hi-tech-dedicated thermoforming machine with in-line stations.

Additional information and specifications
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