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Forming and Welding machine

Box Sealing & Assembling

Downstream Machines for Hollow Profile Sheet machines

The growing demand of sealed-flute hollow-profile-sheets for making boxes and interlayer-pads has pushed more and more AGRIPAK & its partner VAME – TEKINPAK to study a solution to meet the increasing request of its customers.

After many years of study, designing, developments and improvements AGRIPAK presents its:

  • Sealing & Die Cutting machine: the 1st fully automatic sealing & die-cutting machine in the world specifically designed for PP folding-boxes and interlayer-pads from hollow-profile-sheet production.The main feature, that differs our machine from other traditional die-cutting m/cs for cardboard-converting or with special case-maker, is the perfect flute hot-welding of the hollow-profile-sheets (from 2mm up to 12mm thick) and the consequent cool die-cut.
  • Forming & Welding machine: to automatically assemble trays with/without bearing-corners, having head-folds welded inside and the upper-bands folded & welded to the inner-folds.
  • Welding machine: manual machine to linearly seal the 2-sides of a single-box in PP hollow-profile-sheet or “to easily joint-seal” together separated PP hollow-profile-sheets.
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Our machines in action