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Fast rotary die cutting machine

Die Cutting Machine

Here the most recent developments carried out by Agripak to satisfy any customized customer’s request:

  • Heavy duty die-cutting machines to die-cut big thick PP hollow profile sheets: these machines are manufactured as per higher standard, made in solid & compact cast-iron, with many reinforcement ribs; the drive shafts, the guides, the connecting rods as well as the cam in steel do add-up best quality and excellent resistance to the cutting pressures.
  • Light & Fast die-cutting machines for the die-cut of thin PP hollow profile sheets: focusing always our customers’ requirements as far as heavy construction, speed and accuracy are concerned. The application of brushless motors to all machine shafts does grant a highly-sophisticated control of all cutting functions, whereas the accurate mechanical construction does likewise grant the minimal tolerances needed for hi-cutting job. These machines are the sole offering the automatic anilox change (two rolls on machine board) in a traditional open-close machine. AGRIPAK can offer both rotary or flat die cutting machines.

All above machines have been expressly conceived so to achieve very high quality results in the PP hollow profile sheet/box cutting.

Sample applications