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K 2022 - Circular Economy and Sustainability

In a few weeks light will be ON at K2022 in Dussedorf / Germany (October 19 - 26).

Since K2019 a lot of things happened to this world and all such events had put severe pressure to move towards Circular Economy, Sustainability, Recyclability and we did find that the technologies developed by our company in the past (in 2023 our Family will celebrate 70 years in the plastic industry) were perfectly accomplishing the Circular Economy.

If you want to learn about Reusable and Recyclable Packaging (boxes, box pallets, pallets, layer pads) or about man made fibres that are reducing carbon emission in buildings and construction or about man made fibres produced from recycled materials or about how to reduce the density of your extruded products to help reducing carbon foot print with important savings on raw material costs ….well you may spend some time to come and meet us in Hall 17 / booth A76.