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Energy Savings

Agripak is constantly committed to promote an environmentally friendly and customers cost effective business model.

With the aim of being able to provide a more complete and useful turnkey projects, under requirement of our customers only, we can provide an energy saving service trough the following activities:

  • Extrusion Process Optimization
    We have been working in the extrusion of polymers for over 60 years and we use the major leading experts in this field. Through the study of process variables such as pressure, flow rates and temperatures we are able to study your process directly on-site optimizing:
    • Extrusion energy consumption
    • Quantity produced in terms of kg / hour
    • Quality of the extruded semi-finished product
    • Stability of the Extrusion Process


Energy Savings - Extrusion Process Optimization



  • Led Lighting Systems
    We identify and advise the solution that best suits our customers specific needs (revamping or new installation), we carry out the lighting project for their production premises and offices by supplying the full led technology with the goal of maximizing their energy savings and allowing them the best return on the investment.


Energy Savings - Led Lighting Systems



  • PV Systems
    After identifying the energy needs and the space available of our customers, we carry out a feasibility study for the installation of a photovoltaic system, by highlighting the best possible savings that can be achieved, allowing them a full understanding of all the variables that impact on the total investment analysis and thus facilitating their decision.


Energy Savings - PV Systems