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Industry 4.0 Smart Factory

Industry 4.0 Smart Factory

In the last six years AGRIPAK has been working on the enormous potential of the "Fourth industrial revolution"
(known as Industry 4.0), which sees "industrial automation integrate with new technologies" to improve working conditions, increase productivity and production quality of plants in favor of a circular economy.

In this sense, our innovative PLC/Cloud interfacing system, for real-time analysis of the production data of our machines, has allowed us to get closer and closer to the revolutionary concept of "SMART FACTORY" which summarizes in itself mainly 3 simple concepts:

  1. smart production (efficient collaboration between operator, machines and tools)
  2. smart services (monitoring of production/maintenance in real time + predictive analysis)
  3. smart machines (increasingly performing systems, MES, MRP with any waste reduction).

Thanks to our interconnection and collaboration between systems, every user will be able in fact to always monitor in real time (comfortably from his own mobile phone, tablet, notebook, etc. at home, in the office or on the road) the production/performance data of our extrusion/thermoforming lines, the consumption of raw materials (improving supplies), the total production costs and the analysis of trends, with the interesting possibility of integrating the same data extracted with their internal ERP system (management software).

What’s more, each user will be able  also optimize the operating times and the functioning of our lines through efficient "Predictive Maintenance" analysis.

Our system, in fact, using complex statistical/automatic “machine learning” algorithms, offers the interesting possibility to determine over time when the operator will have to do a specific maintenance operation and/or order spare parts, obtaining also important “early warnings” to prevent possible production, machinery or network performance downtime.

Innovation, efficiency and smartness: the three key words that summarize what in just a few clicks our PLC/Cloud interfacing system makes available to our customers 24h/7days.

We guarantee a constant and efficient monitoring of your production scenario, with immediate feedback/solutions to every possible question, not only industrial, but also commercial, in favor of an increasingly circular and "computerized-conscious" economy in every sector.