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Forming & Separate Punching

Our thermoforming machines ROTO series are fully automatic models for the production of items overall in:  PS, PVC, PET and PP (in same cases) starting from bobbin.

Our ROTOFORM S1 and  S10 models are composed by two units operating separately, in-line, i.e.:

  • the thermoforming machine
  • the horizontal cutting press

These machines, thermoforming by vacuum and/or compressed air, are actuated by an electro-mechanical system driven by servomotors, that operate a toggles-set installed on the movable-platens of the forming-press.

This system allows a high production-speed, which cannot be obtained by other motion systems. The heating zones, the servomotors as well as all the functions that determine the production-cycles are easily controlled by a PLC-system.

On our ROTOFORM models the horizontal-cutting-press has a working-speed 3-times higher than the thermoforming unit, thus allowing to use blanking-tools 1/3 smaller, with great advantage in terms of costs.

This series can be as well combined with an extrusion plant expressly designed for the production-system with in-line technology. Thus obtaininig the finished-product starting directly from the raw-material granule, with remarkable advantages.

Additional information and specifications
INFO SHEET (155.12 KB)

Our Forming & Separate Punching Machines