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BM serie

Inmould Punching

Our thermoforming machines BM & TM series are fully automatic models for the production of items in: PS, EPS, PP, EPP, PVC, PET, PETG, ABS, HIPS, OPS, PLA and mPLA starting from bobbin.

The 22 BM/TM & 30 BM/TM models technology is based on the product SIMULTANEOUS FORMING & PUNCHING system, envisaging the use of moulds with incorporated cutting system that assure an optimal dimensional precision of the formed items. The TM series is equipped with a bottom tilting-platen that enables the use of multi-row moulds.

Both our BM & TM thermoforming machine models:

  • are actuated by a system of mechanical-cams, with the working cycle controlled by an electronic programmer that allows to modify the operating parameters also during machine running and to store data of different moulds.
  • can be combined with an extrusion plant expressly designed for the production system with in-line technology. This system enables to obtain the finished product starting directly from the raw-material granule, with remarkable advantages.


On request these thermoforming machines can be equipped with different accessories.

Additional information and specifications
INFO SHEET (155.12 KB)

Our Inmould Punching Machines

Our machines in action