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ESG Environmental, Social and Governance

We are committed to building a business for the long term, developing relationships that last. 

We keep our responsibilities to society.  

At Agripak, we are committed to sustainable growth, as our President Fabio Terragni explains:

“How we do business is as important as what we do and is reflecting who we are. Our business has an impact on people all over the world including customers, suppliers, financial institutions, share holders, countries and people in general. Being sustainable means building strong and inclusive relationships with people living in this planet and having same target of sustainable growth. My father, founder of our company, was teaching me, my brother and my sister about the importance of inclusion, relationship and sustainable growth and we are trying our best to put in practise such precious teaching.”

We use our international expertise to connect our customers to opportunities around the world.

We are developing new solutions to the climate crisis and supporting the transition to a low-carbon future. We are working very actively to implement technologies for the manufacturing of reusable and recyclable packaging.

We are building an inclusive organisation that prioritises well-being and to enhance this we are actively taking part a volunteers into inclusive sport/educational projects like the Runchallenge RC> of Playmore!  and concretely supporting them Agripak 4 RunChallenge.

And we, by manteining high standards of governance, ensure we meet our responsibilities to society.

Interview with Fabio Terragni / Runchallenge Official