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Starting from containers previously thermoformed on high speed thermoforming machines (see our Inmould Punching thermoforming machines), these automatic machines fill them with a dosed content (liquid, solid or in powder) and seal them with a topping sealeable or pealeable film.

The fill & seal machines offer the latest in flexible tray sealer solutions for the food industry and other sectors.

Continuing demands for high quality top sealed and vacuum packed products drives to supply flexible and “easy to operate” machines as the market demands packs with tamper proof evidence and leak proof packaging.

Modified atmosphere (MAP) can also be introduced to increase product shelf life and quality of products which can be beneficial to the food packer, retailer and end user.

All the fill & seal machines have the capability of sealing flexible top web materials to pre-formed trays under normal atmospheric conditions, with a gas mix or vacuum packing depending on the requirement.

Sample applications