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Pizza plates


AGRIPAK greener processes for sustainability and re-cycling in plastics.

This EPS (Semi-expanded/foamed PS) DISH TRAY for PIZZA TAKE AWAY is a simple “greener” example.

Made from semi-expanded PS material, it features insulating plus: the pizza keeps warmer and crunchy, for longer and your hands do not burn when handling it during transport.

The reliefs on the bottom of the tray are in fact specially designed for a perfect pizza ventilation.

While the side ribs grant a greater mechanical resistance when stacking more trays, allowing at the same time the steam to escape, thus avoiding the formation of water drops inside the pizza container itself.

It is ready-to-use, unlike the pizza cardboard that requires time to be assembled.

It is easily washable and re-usable at home, or it can be 100% recycled to produce other EPS pizza plates or other EPS items. Therefore perfectly responsive to the concept of Packaging “Circular Economy”.

And really GREAT the ECOLOGICAL IMPACT when compared to the cardboard box for takeaway pizza now in use. This last in fact becomes easily dirty and oil soaked with no possibility of being recycled, but with billions of not-reusable pieces ending-up in landfills yearly, in the world.

So for “warmer” information on our AGRIPAK greener technology , do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts will be pleased to introduce you to what nowadays recognized as an important “Regenerative System” towards Plastics Sustainability and Re-cycling.