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Why choose us

Why choose us

Over 60 Years in the Plastics

AGRIPAK is among the major world-wide leaders in the sales of full automatic lines for plastics Extrusion, Thermoforming and Converting processes, disposing of the most qualified dedicated engineers and technicians on the market.

In its more than 60 years experience in the plastics world AGRIPAK has proudly Designed, Engineered and Manufactured more than:

  • 832 Extrusion Lines
  • 626 Thermoforming Machines
  • 495 Converting Machines.

This means AGRIPAK is ready to offer its customer  a 360° plastics processing know-how : so from the simple raw material choice up to any plastic machinery process/final product wished.

On any customer’s specific project, AGRIPAK is also ready to provide a dedicated investment analysis and profitability. keeping special focus on customer’s money savings, finished product cost optimization, products environmental disposal, and more.

Dealing since so long our lines world-wide, we perfectly know the importance to be sure to always offer our customers exactly what they need.

That is why we have chosen to provide our customers all the neccessary support to make informed choices and receive maximum consulting and operative assistance since their new business first steps.


New Business Ideas

In AGRIPAK the must-password to test, realize and finally access any untried technology is: INNOVATION.

A single word, summing up the historical motto of our Mr Marco Terragni, the founder: "Keep the faith". A simple, but still current potent formula of success in the “art-of-plastics-converting” and the right attitude to realize any untried business step forward.

So if you want to access the plastics packaging industry through innovative entrepreneurial ideas, with AGRIPAK you got it.

Submit us your own ideas, questions, challenges, requirements, no matter what segment of industry you are, our experts are at your complete disposal, providing total coverage of the innovative solutions and emerging technologies that are shaping the future of the plastics packaging.


Manufacturing Accuracy

Extreme accuracy and technical supervisioni during the design, assembling and manufacturing of our lines are at  the order of the day in our plant sites.

The production site and the quality-control department, located in special 20° climatic rooms, proudly number:

  • high-pecision CNC working stations, suitable for highest micro-tolerance production,
  • electronic cutting-gauge,
  • optical collimators,
  • transfer measurement systems, and more.

All parts and components of our lines and machinery are strictly assembled in-house to assure the highest reliability on customer’s production performances.

In compliance with current international regulations on mechanical and electrical safety, all AGRIPAK lines are duly equipped with the necessary monitoring and alarm devices and security protections.


24/7 Production Monitoring

Our customer satisfaction is monitored 24/7 through a qualified remote line service.

Our global online post-sale service wants to suit customer’s individual needs, making available a dedicated remote production/maintenance line support, offering :

  • Machine 24/7 production monitoring
  • Machine fast troubleshooting
  • Machine unplanned downtime quick control
  • Machine maintenance global support

For us, post-sale assistance stands for being able to work side by side with our customers, and help them navigate the successfull and critical stages of their business daily growth.

For you, a guarantee that you have teamed up with the right partner.