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By our specifically designed plastic filaments combined with Graphene you can easily 3D print also “electrically conductive components”.

A great choice so to 3D print components that include electronics, with no need to add any circuitry after printing , cause you can print graphene wiring during your own creation 3D printing build-process.

Thanks to its main tech-properties of “high strength” and “superior conductivity”, the graphene filament extrudable by our new line has a wide range of applications:

  • in the everyday interface devices (i.e. : leds, touch sensors, low-voltage circuitry, sensing for proximity, position, acceleration, humidity or fluid levels measurement, etc.)
  • in the electronics (i.e. : digital interfaces, game and music controllers, wearable electronics, etc)
  • in the electromagnetic and radiofrequency shielding (i.e. : hospital equipment, telecommunications, etc.)
  • in high-strength mechanical/functional tooling (i.e. hooks, drilling tool, etc.).