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EPP Take Away

EXTRUSION: Refining processes through ongoing development of technologies


In recent months we have been refining innovative technologies to be applied to our extrusion lines range. A special focus was given to the homogeneous foaming of both compact and hollow-profile (Cartonplast) sheet, with the main goal of improving more and more the intrinsic combination of “performance+appearance” of the end-product itself.
Resulting in greater cost-savings in terms of raw material.

It was proved that density reduction in compact-sheet brings to faster cycled time in thermoforming, with many production advantages. Overall when talking about last generation high-speed thermoforming machines as the new form-cut-stack GN800 series (recently born from a successful co-engineered project by AGRIPAK and GN Thermoforming, and first worldwide presented at the last K2016 Show held on Oct’16 in Dusseldorf/Germany).

As for the hollow-profile (Cartonplast) sheet, the foaming actually allows to obtain a visible smoother-surface and a higher thermo-insulation. This last property can be further enhanced by a subsequent side-sealing of the hollow-profile (Cartonplast) sheet itself : as proved by the tests done on some hollow side-sealed sheets, sealed by our AGRIPAK dedicated downstream machinery.

On this purpose, our downstream machinery range extended, and we are now presenting on market another special dedicated machine for linear & corner-sealing: so to side-seal hollow-profile (Cartonplast) sheets and bubble-guard sheets up to 10mm thickness. Perfect for box-pallet-sleeves with sealed-perimeter manufacturing, with the advantage of several time re-use and no-risk of inner-hollow-section contamination.

Our team of experts, with multi-decade worldwide experience in the plastics, is available for a major focus on any plastics market production request. On demand : customized turn-key project-analysis and targeted machinery offers can be provided. So starting from the resin up-to any smarter plastics end-product wished : containers, sheets, box-pallets, logistic-boxes, fruit/vegetable boxes, fish/meat boxes, re-usable boxes, etc.