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The continuous growing of the building & furniture market as well as the increased global attention to our “eco-system protection” have pushed Agripak to study & find a solution so to process and consequently substitute the Natural Wood by a Semifoamed PVC and WPC panel.  Today Agripak is proud to have succeeded in this project, thus offering for the Semifoamed PVC & WPC boards finishing:

  • Multi blade panel saw machines:  to make cuts and multiple-grooves on boards coated with various materials. By these highly efficient machines, it is possible to achieve excellent results for “PLASTICWOOD” prefinished parquet, walls and ceilings, doors for furniture, profiles, staves and frames for beds production.
  • Laminating machines: expressly designed for laminating wide Semifoamed PVC & WPC panels by reel-mounted decorative-finish-materials (reel width up to 1300mm).
  • Printing machines:  suitable to reproduce the wood pattern on a flat Semifoamed PVC & WPC panel by 3 photo engraved rollers ensuring a hi-precision ink-application.

All above machines have been  expressly conceived so to achieve very high quality results in the finishing of the foamed-PVC and WPC panels.

Sample applications