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Foaming Agent

Agripak represents Reedy Chemical Foam in the Italian market and in most of the European markets.

The main family of Chemical Blowing Agents (CBA) offered by Reedy Intl. Corp. is:

  • SAFOAM: is a CBA Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) by the FDA . Safoam products are non-toxic and food-safe. Available in microencapsulated powders or concentrated pellets, Safoam offers low, medium and high temperature foaming agents to meet unique needs with a focus on improved performance. Used in HDPE, LDPE, PP, PS, HIPS, ABS, PVC, TPE, PC, PC/ABS, chemical foam expansion can also aid in the performance of fillers like glass fibers, calcium carbonate and talc by randomizing flow patterns. Safoam can be used as a blowing agent, nucleating agent or flow aide in processes including:
    1. single- and multi-cavity injection
    2. thick-wall structural foam and gas-assist molding
    3. medium-density rigid extrusions like pipe, profiles and sheet
    4. flexible extrusion including garden hose
    5. CAT-V cable and fishing line
    6. direct-gas nucleation of low-density sheet for food packaging
    7. compression-molded closures for bottles and jars.

The collaborative approach with Agripak and other partners leads to multi-faceted cost savings: raw material reduction, faster cycle times/extrusion throughput rates, lower energy consumption, improvements in dimensional stability and stiffness of molded parts equals fewer part rejects, fine cell structure allows for clean cuts in thermoformed sheet and better post-expansion affords a lighter part at the same specified thickness or thicker parts at same base weight.

The strict cooperation between Agripak and Reedy Chemical Foam has brought to the born of CARTONPLAST, COMPACT and PLASTICWOOD:  three specially designed extrusion line series for the production respectively of EPP hollow profile board, EPP/EPS foil & sheet for thermoforming and packaging and Semifoamed PVC and WPC Panels.

Additional information and specifications
FPE-20 Info Sheet (148.95 KB)
FPE-50 Info Sheet (148.9 KB)
PN-40E Info Sheet (148.85 KB)
RAZ-70 Info Sheet (265.13 KB)
RAZ-P Info Sheet (148.65 KB)

Sample applications