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Printing Machine

From a long lasting fruitful and mutual co-operation with three leading Companies of the European Printers scenario, on request Agripak can provide:

  • Flexo printing machines: keeping always a particular focus on customers’ requirements as far as heavy construction, speed and accuracy are concerned. The application of brushless motors to all machine shafts does grant a highly-sophisticated control of all printing functions, whereas the accurate mechanical construction does likewise grant the minimal tolerances needed for hi-graphic job. These machines are the sole offering the automatic anilox change (two rolls on machine board) in a traditional open-close machine.
  • Silk-screen printing machines: these fully automatic and modular printing lines allow to print, dry and collect from 2 up to 6 colors on any hollow profile sheet with thicknesses up to 12mm.
  • Digital printing machines: these machines have been designed to print PP corrugated sheets at high speeds. Its new single-pass print technology allows full-color sheetfed printing on corrugated substrates at more than 10 times the speed of previous ink-jet technology.

All above machines have been expressly conceived so to achieve very high quality results in the PP hollow profile sheet/box printing.

Sample applications